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Wonderful praise from Mathew.

I was so impressed with the attitude and the dedication of the children at LIPA Knutsford.

They worked so hard in my workshop and were very keen to learn and work together as a team.

The results were well beyond what I would expect, especially at such an early stage for the school and their education. It is clear that Alison and Becci are doing a great job instilling confidence and trust in the group as well as starting to teach them skills through acting, singing and dancing.

In my experience, LIPA 4:19 is without doubt the best performing arts school for children in the whole of the North West.

The passion for performing is always evident but above all it is about the children and helping them to grow as human beings; the staff have a caring ethos which comes across in the behaviour of the students. I can't wait to come back and see how far they've come!

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